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Gun Trust And Firearm Planning

Gun Trust and Firearm PlanningWhether you are an avid collector, hunter, sportsperson, or NFA license holder (Title II or Class III firearm). It is critical to document and care for your valuable firearms in strict accordance with State & Federal law. The care, custody, and distribution of your firearms in the event of your disability or death is a not something to take casually. It is possible for your loved ones to be guilty of an accidental felony if they do not take special care with your guns in your absence.

Your Estate Plan should include clear instructions on the Who’s and How’s of gun possession and gun transfer in order to avoid some frightening unintended consequences. This may require a change to your existing estate plan or forming a separate Gun Trust. Significant changes to federal gun laws were made on January 4, 2016 that directly affect those with a federally licensed firearm. These changes go into effect in July of 2016 and you may need to take action before then.


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